Our Team Here at Confidence Africa Tours & Travels Ltd

Confidence Matsiko – Our Team Director

Confidence Matsiko is the founder of Confidence Africa Tours & Travel Limited and he is our Team director. It was established in 2015 as a Tour & Travel Company specializing in Wildlife tours, cultural tours, and birding tours. The company serves shoestring, budget, midrange, and luxury tourists worldwide.

I am a qualified Tour Operator in Uganda and Rwanda. I have training in tour and travel management, tourism business operations and safari guiding among others. I speak seven (7) languages. I have rich experience and knowledge after having worked for a number of Tour and Travel Companies since 2007. I have a love and passion for African cultures and wildlife.

Confidence Africa Tours & Travel Limited has a unique tour and travel services around Uganda and Rwanda, destinations rich with wildlife, primates, rich traditional cultures, and amazing landscape scenery from widespread savannahs, rolling hills, and jaw-dropping blue skylines among others. Our choice of accommodation is exotic forts, boutique resorts, and luxury lodges and hotels. Expect a unique and marvelous experience when you are served by Confidence Africa Tours & Travel Limited.

I am a true Ugandan citizen, a travel consultant licensed to make bookings in all booking systems, and have traveled all over East Africa which makes him popular in tourism. Confidence Matsiko is good at letting people know that they matter by being there for them, making plans with them, and setting aside time for relationships.

Confidence loves nature and is always faithful to himself by speaking up for the things that matter to him. He has an endless passion for tourism and seeks to inspire clients and make them feel at home during their stay in Uganda. His passion is traveling to new destinations, going on East Africa safaris, and discovering new techniques.

Confidence’s intention is to make sure that he makes a good, adventurous, and memorable, eco-tourism tour/trip for our clients. For any inquiry don’t hesitate to send him an inquiry.

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