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3 Days Congo Gorilla Safari from Rwanda

Visit the Tchegera Island for three days and have a retreat experience there. On Lake Kivu, there is a black sand island called Tchegera Island. From above, this island appears to be a U-shaped crater, and guests can reserve a night at the opulent Tchegera tented camp. The boat ride to the island takes about 15 to 20 minutes from the Bolengo port.
The Virunga national park offers excursions to this island where visitors can engage in activities like kayaking, snorkeling, barbeque meals, or even just a straightforward nature stroll through the island's unexplored trails. Bolengo's port for the ferry to Tchegera Island is typically open by 12:30, and the boat returns from the island by 3:30.

3 Days Congo Gorilla Safari from Rwanda

Day 1: Leave Kigali for Tchegera Island

To ensure that you have enough time to take the boat traveling to the Tchegera Island, you will meet your driving guide at or before lunchtime. After boarding the boat, you will enjoy the 15- to 20-minute water transfer to the resort on Lake Kivu.

After being greeted with a refreshing drink of juice, you will check into your hotel. After settling in, you'll eat lunch and spend the remainder of the day at the lodge relaxing. The patio will provide a stunning view of the setting sun. After receiving a magnificent dinner in the evening, you will retire to your lodgings for the night.

Day 2 Full day at the Tchegera Island

The Tchegera Island resort will be where you spend the night. Get up at your leisure and get ready for this leisurely day. After eating a sumptuous breakfast at the hotel, you may decide whether to spend the morning relaxing and taking advantage of the lodge or participating in island activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, or even going on a nature walk through the island's unexplored trails.

You can enjoy the morning on the island after breakfast is served. Around one o'clock, the i that departs the island will be prepared. Before boarding the boat to depart from the airport, you will eat lunch.

Day 3: Leave Tchegera Island for Goma/ Kigali

You will arrive back at Bolengo port and your driver guide will be ready to tran you to your preferred drop off location. You may opt to be dropped off in Gom even Kigali as you will prefer.

End of the 3 Days Congo Gorilla Safari from Rwanda